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People E-mail us after they get the results of the exam . Usually we hear from those that have passed but we also post from people that fail. Unfortunately people feel embarrassed and ashamed that they didn't pass rather than recognizing that their performance on the exam is NOT a reflection of their competency as a professional . For those that have subscribed and don't pass the first time, we allow them a duplicate membership for the time they subscribed for FREE. We want you to pass; we need more professionals out there!!

Dear Dr.Linton Hutchinson, I would like to take this opportunity and thank you again for the quality preparation provided. I just found out that I passed the exam. It is the best proof that the way you design your preparation course is effective. Thank you, Helen
Materials were EXCELLENT! Thank you for the thorough preparation - I passed the certification exam. Maryellen
Doc: I took the test today and passed it......and it was all because of you, thanks Jerry
Dr. Hutchinson, I discovered your web site in which you provide trial tests for Special Education probably, through the computer. I started taking the free tests on an ever day basis because I felt that it was refreshing my memory and I felt that I was learning more. As the time to take the test got closer, I decided to pay for a subscription because I wanted to pass the test. I made the mistake of taking the professional knowledge test and the test for Cross-Categorical Special Ed together on the same day. I passed the professional knowledge and missed the Cross-Categorical by four points, ( the cross-cat I took in the afternoon when I was the most tired). I continued studying until it was time for me to take the test again. I used your material and all the trial tests as a means of refreshing all the concepts I had learned throughout the years. I took the test again and passed with flying colors. I would like to thank you because I am an old coger who at age 58 is still studying and trying to pass all of these tests, when it has been a few years since I got my B.A. (1973) and a few less since I got my Masters. Thank-you for providing a program like this. Please let me know if there is any other form of testing available for teachers in the state of Arizona since I know of a few teachers who are trying to pass the professional knowledge portion plus the Special Education test. If it was up to me, I would continue taking your trail tests just to keep my mind refreshed on the material I've learned in the past. Thanks again! Chonita
I would like to thank you Dr. Hutchinson for all your help, I followed all your guidelines and I have passed Praxis II using your website!
Dr. Hutchinson, May it please you to know that I PASSED!!!!! Thank you for the reviewer. It was most useful. More power to you! Therese